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Rent safely. The first global home rental platform with full automation! 

Our Team

UC Berkeley grad & former investment banker, who co-founded CityHour in 2012. Won "Innovation Award" at the MacWorld 2014 conference. Sold the technology in 2015. Previously at Deloitte and Cisco.
Long-term home rental space is the only industry that still operates in the stone-age fashion. Our ultimate goal, which is supported by our diverse group of high-profile investors, is to offer a complete rental experience on the global scale - we are on the right trajectory to do so!
 Head of Design
Distinguished UI/UX web and mobile designer, whose products won numerous awards and received international recognition.
Worked at a number of prominent IT companies. Full stack engineer and focus driven coder with 12 years of experience. Expert in 'FinTech' products & technology.

We finally did it - renting done right. And the numbers show.

Rentberry is a transparent rental application and price negotiation platform uniting tenants and landlords. We've grown fast since 2017.

We've raised $10M already!

From Zing Capital, 808 Ventures, Beechwood Ventures, and top profile angel investors from Google, McKinsey & Company, CBRE, Harvard Business School Alumni Angels and others.

Campaign managed & scaled by The Arora Project

Investors Testimonials

Steve Burton (USA)
Managing Partner, Beechwood Ventures

Trevor Bond (USA)
Co-chair, Harvard Business School Alumni Angels

Steven Baker (USA)
Distinguished Engineer, GoogleW

Why now?

Renting is the new buying. Renting has become an economic and lifestyle choice for 46% of those under the age of 45. It gives flexibility. Freedom. Less risk.

Despite the economy, we hold fast.

Even during downtimes and recessions (including COVID-19), Rentberry remains strong and flourishes as people stop buying properties and resort to renting.

We're relevant in the current climate.

Rentberry is the only platform that offers full automation and enables to rent safely with contactless services, which is being preferred by tenants and landlords around the globe!

People want this.

Many renters and property owners use and admire Rentberry. Tenants want their search to be transparent and fast. Homeowners want to lease to quality tenants at the true market value. The problem is that current platforms don't solve this. Rentberry does!

We own our technology.

We've patented our technology and filed 46 trademarks to secure our intellectual property and stay ahead of the competition.

How we make money.

The yearly market opportunity for Rentberry is $7B in the US alone — revenue from tenants, landlords, and agents. This does not include revenue from enterprise or sale of add-on services.

The above contains forward looking projections which cannot be guaranteed.