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About Us

Crypto-Accel is a global asset manager. We help investors build better financial futures. As a fiduciary to investors and a leading provider of financial technology, our clients turn to us for the solutions they need when planning for their most important goals.


Invest with Confidence with  Accel Apex Venture

Portfolio diversification is key to lower volatility and higher returns over time. Diversification may involve investment in alternative assets like private equity and real estate, where industry returns are largely uncorrelated to the public markets. Professional and high-net-worth individuals have been investing heavily in alternatives for years.  Accel Apex Venture mission is to make alternative investments available to all.

  • Trade crypto tax-free and tax-deferred
  • Place market and limit orders.
  • Invest in up to 200+ cryptocurrencies through Coinbase integration.
  • Roll over funds from an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other qualified account at no charge.

Our founding mission was to establish a firm that thinks differently about managing investment risks to best serve our clients, and this is still at our core today. We challenge businesses to reach higher standards. We use technology to think beyond what’s possible. We provide investment solutions for every need. We aim to simplify a complex world. We help chart paths towards financial health. We are Accel-Apex Venture, and we are invested in your financial well-being.

Our approach towards managing investments is designed to give our clients the best services in line with global best practices that will further boost their portfolios. Presently, our company is managing about $198.76B worth of investments for our clients and has a USD 132.4bn worth of insurance package. Of the total assets we manage, the majority of them are invested in a range of modified implementations worth about $178.76B just as we have a series of fund and client specific managed account vehicles. Accel Apex Venture is a company that for years has helped its clients trade on Forex, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and ripples inclusive with an aim of using minimal effort and knowledge to maximize passive and consistent profit. It aims at giving assistance to its customers in gaining stable financial flow.

The guarantee provides investors with an additional level of comfort that the investment will be repaid in the event that the securities issuer would not be able to fulfill the contractual obligation to make timely payments. It also can result in a better credit rating, due to the outside insurance, which lowers the cost of financing for issuers. Accel Apex Venture has a USD 132.4bn worth insurance package

Our Team (Let's Build the future Together)

Join the International Blockchain Olympiad and work with other brilliant young and forward thinking individuals from around the world.

James Lewis

Director and CEO


Head of Finance

Lucy Yates

Head of Marketing

Jordan Wells

Customer relation

Investor Testimonials

View our testimonial page of happy and successful clients using Accel Apex. Not only do we provide our investors a platform to invest, but we also provide them with the tools and insights needed to make profitable decisions.